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Best Cinematography – Hidden Moon – CineGear Feature Films Series – 2014

Best Cinematography – American Primitive – CineGear Feature Film Series – 2010

Lee/Panavision International Award for Technical Achievement in Cinematography – The Hammer – 1989


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Behind the Scenes

Production Stills

(Video interview excerpted from The Making of Sea of Dreams)


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The Work of the Cinematographer, February 2023

ASC Close Up Christopher Chomyn March 2017

NATural ND Filters from Tiffen

Chomyn Lights Hidden Moon

American Primitive, A Journey to the 70s’

A New Wave of S16 Filmmakers

Chomyn Makes Waves with Sea of Dreams

Phantasm Blog

Chomyn’s Varied Path Leads to Mexico

Cinematography Podcast: War Story and complete Interview

Michael Chapman, ASC Recalls a Perfect Shot

Close Up Part 1

Close Up Part 2

Canon Behind the Scenes

Footprints: The Life and Legacy of James Wong Howe, ASC

Below the Line Interview

American Primitive [aka Wild About Harry]-

“Chris is a wonderful DP to work with especially for those directors that cherish the beauty of film and its glory found in shadow and light.” said [Gwen] Wynne.
USC In Motion

“American Primitive is a beautifully crafted, character-driven film inspired by true events.”
LGBT Films

Sea of Dreams

“The most noticeable highlight of the film is the effulgent cinematography by Chris Chomyn and the way the camera endows every scene with picturesque beauty. Bright and dazzling colors are immediately apparent in every daytime shot, and the vibrancy of the people and exotic locale is gushingly aglow. The actors are likewise touched by bold hues, and everyone in the film is radiant beyond what is witnessed in most recent films. The fantasy elements are accentuated by this seemingly magical cinematography.”

“With more blues than a thousand seaside sunsets comes the Mexican fable Sea of Dreams, one of the most beautiful-looking films to grace the screen all year….Sea of Dreams is a different movie experience and one of the best September releases. For those willing to take a cinematic chance, take a dip into this little gem.”

“Sea of Dreams… evokes an era of story telling, devoid of sensationalism and irony… a rare treasure”

“Never has the screen been filled with so much beauty!”
Sweet Connection


“The movie has two primary if crude virtues: First and best, it has an overwhelming sense of place…”
Washington Post

“‘Lockdown… is engrossing.”

Phantasm III & IV

“Particularly effective are the visuals….The film looks great.”

“Shot…with a thrilling flair that rivals any studio film.”

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Christopher Chomyn, ASC